If you ask a lot of homeowners out there, they would probably say it has been ages since they last looked at their roof to know what exactly is going on with it. Your roof is one of the essential structures in your home because it protects you from all the harsh weather effects. This is why it is necessary now and then to get a professional to take a serious inspection, especially after a storm. An expert should be called to inspect your roof after every storm episode. If you live in an area not riddled with consistent storms, it is advisable to get your roof checked at least once a year.


Advantages of Getting Your Roof Inspected

  1. Spotting almost invisible damages: It is very possible to spot large damages on your roof from the ground. You won’t be able to access all damage from the ground, however, and some damages are so little that you can only see them from the rooftop. If you decide to inspect the extent of damage to your roof by yourself, you’ll need a ladder. After you must have climbed the roof, it will help you discover problems you had no idea were present before.


  1. Helps spot the more minor issues: After a storm might have occurred, it is understandable for an individual just to assess the significant damages and make fixes to those while neglecting the less severe issues. This will be a terrible decision, however, because those issues you thought were minor could develop into major ones if not addressed immediately. A problem you noticed on your own but decided against telling the experts to reduce a bit of cost could be the reason you change your entire roof tomorrow.


  1. Assists in insurance claims: Another added advantage of having your roof inspected by professionals after a storm is that it helps get your insurance paid quickly. Most insurance companies require photographic evidence of damage before paying out the insurance. During an inspection, our team will take photographs and give a detailed summary of all the issues. Our experts also help you summarize the cost of fixing all the damage. This is also important to note as all the documents are certified professional, and your insurance company will have no choice but to acknowledge it.


  1. Helps save money in the long run: If you contact professionals immediately after a storm and get your roof fixed immediately, it would save you a bunch of costs down the line, unlike if you kept leaving damages to pile up until you eventually have to change the entire roof which is far more expensive.


Is It Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Storms come in different shapes and frequencies, inspecting your roof and getting it fixed is essential if you want to avoid serious problems down the line. We at Doing It Right have a host of professionals who can assist in inspecting and providing solutions to all your roofing issues in Pittsburgh.

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