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If you need to replace your home’s roof, you may be wondering what the best time of year is to tackle the replacement process. Is it during the winter, when contractors workloads are slower, or is it the summer month when warm weather permits an easy workflow. If you’re interested in learning more about the best season to replace your home’s roof, keep reading below for more information!


First on our list is winter. As you may have guessed, winter is arguably the worst season to tackle your roof replacement. The cold, snowy weather can make the installation process difficult, as there is a great deal of stagnant moisture that accumulates on your roof during the winter weather. Additionally, the cold weather itself can make it difficult to install the shingle system correctly. In general, this is the worst season to tackle a roof replacement for the reasons above. However, if it is still early in the season, before the snow has begun to fall, it is possible that you may be able to get a quick appointment with a contractor, as the winter months are the slowest for contractors. Furthermore, even if you cannot get a full roof replacement completed during the winter, you can still contact contractors for patch jobs with the agreement that they will replace the roof in the springtime!


Arguably the second-best season for roof replacements, the spring season offers cool, but temperate, weather, ideal for roof installations. As long as the rain holds out, spring is a great time to have your roof replaced. However, the major issue with the spring months is that contractors tend to have a long list of jobs that they need to complete, as calls have come in all winter long and many people are taking stock of their home’s exteriors to get replacements and repairs completed. If you can book a timely appointment, spring is a great time for your replacement, but it can often be difficult to find a contractor who doesn’t have a long list of jobs they need to complete before yours.


While many homeowners would assume that summer is the ideal season to replace a roof, it can be a difficult undertaking in the summer heat. Crews often need to start working on the morning and take a break during the peak heat of the day, as it gets incredibly hot on an asphalt shingle roof. While the weather is generally good for roof replacements, the heat can make it a more arduous process than it would be during the cooler months.


Finally, we have arrived at what is arguably the best season for roof replacements, Fall. The reason fall is the best month is that it offers a mix of the best traits of each season. Generally, the weather is cool enough to permit long workdays, but the weather also tends to be less precipitous than the spring months that offer similar temperatures. It also allows you to have a freshly installed roof before the winter, protecting your home from any leaking or ice dam issues that may have plagued a less sound roof. If you are able to have your roof replaced during the fall, it is the best time of the year to tackle the project.

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