Let’s Focus On the Finer Details: Warranties

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At Doing It Right Roofing Siding Remodeling, I reinforce into every facet of our business the same thing every day, details, details, details. I think most of us as consumers would agree that cost, what you are getting for that cost, and what it looks like are the main objectives that go into every purchase we make. I understand value, need, affordability and want also play major roles. Let’s take a look at some of the details that you probably will overlook when making that final decision to replace your roof.


Manufacturer’s Specifications and Warranty

The majority of things we buy come with a specification and/or warranty because there are specific outlines and rules to follow. In order to achieve the best performance from that product you must follow their guidelines. “If that product goes bad, do I have the warranty coverage in place to replace it without additional absorbent cost?” You must ask yourself this question when replacing your existing roof with a new one.

Do not discredit a contractor that is suggesting you purchase an extended warranty or for explaining the existing warranty for that matter. That contractor is just trying to make you aware of what you are getting and what to expect if something goes wrong. Those who just try to pass it off for something that it really isn’t or do not explain it at all are the ones should be cautious with. Companies put this information out there and present it with the products for a reason. They want the products installed correctly so that you, the consumer, are not taken advantage of.

For the best results you should be receiving the following information when a roof installation is being presented to you:

  • In writing, a detailed outline of the installation and in writing, that they will follow manufacturer’s specifications.
  • In some cases you might be asked to sign off on some items which might not apply to your project and that is acceptable in most Not all specifications can be followed on some house styles. Make it a point to discuss these items in detail with your contractor.

You should always be receiving some kind of warranty for both labor and material. If you are not getting both, then, “Buyer beware.”

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