Winter is a beautiful season, with the snow and the accompanying cold. It could easily become a nightmare if it’s not well prepared for.

One of the best ways to prepare for your winter is to inspect and take exceptional care of your roof for and during winter.

Not sure where to start? Here is a guide on what you can do to take good care of your roof during winter.

Guide to Take Care of Your Roof During Winter.

Winter roof care should start before the winter period comes fully. For some, the fall is the perfect time to prepare the roof for winter.

These are ye things you should check to ensure they are in perfect condition before you freeze up in winter.

1.     Get your roof professionally checked

The very first step to taking care of your roof for winter is to have it checked. While it is possible to note some damages yourself, you may not be able to identify everything wrong with your roof by yourself.

If you leave anything unattended to, it may cost you a lot during winter. Therefore, invite a professional to properly check your roof and identify everything that needs to be replaced or let you know if you will be needing a re-roof.

The things to check for as you professionally inspect your roof include checking if there is a sag in the roofline, the shingles, and the flashing.

Also, a professional can help you estimate the age of your roof and properly advise you on what to do.

With professional checking, you will be acting proactively instead of reacting, and this will help you save a lot of costs that could otherwise be used for repair.

2.     Is Your Roof Leaking?

A leaking roof during winter could be a disaster. But it’s an avoidable disaster. You may not be able to spot a leak by yourself, but there are always giveaway signs that your roof is leaking.

These are some of the signs you would notice.

  1. The walls and the ceilings are water stained.
  2. You will find some loose shingles in the gutter.
  3. The roof may be dropping.

If you observe these signs, they are telltale signs that your roof is leaking and should be repaired.

Some leaks cannot be repaired and would need a total roof replacement. Whatever your roof needs, be sure to do it before the arrival of winter.

3.     Are The Shingles Loosed?

If your roof shingles are loosed or damaged, it could be a sign that the roof has more challenges than just the shingles. So, if you notice a compromised shingle, don’t just fix the shingle alone.

Go ahead and check the entire roof to rectify any more challenges that may come up with others. Winterproofing your shingles will ensure that your roof is strong against the winter snow and heavy wind.


4.     Debris? What You Should Do With Them.

Fallen leaves, branches, and flowers could litter the ground and create a heap even in your gutter. If you refuse to clean them on time, they are a sure cause of hazards during the winter.

This is why you should properly clean all debris in and around your gutter. It is important to ensure the gutter is clean and unclogged. It will help to drain the rainwater and melted snow in the winter.

Prepare your Roof for Winter with Doing It Right

The roof is the crown of your house, and it goes a long way in determining if you will enjoy your winter or not. It is important to take very good care of your roof. Doing It Right is not just roof experts, we are professionals that have been in the roofing industry for decades. We’ve seen all different types of roof projects, so we are confident your roof is in good hands.

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