Roofing InspectionWhen it comes to maintaining their roof, many homeowners neglect to keep up with maintenance until problems begin to arise. However, being proactive and aware of the potential causes of damage can help keep your home protected long before the damage has occurred. If you’re wondering how you can tell whether your roof needs to be inspected, check out our blog to learn about a few reasons you should consider an inspection for your home!

A Major Storm Rolled Through

The first reason you may want to consider having your roof inspected is if a significant storm just hit your home. Depending on what the storm was, your roofing concerns will be different. If it was just a wind storm for example, you’ll likely be looking for missing shingles, or potentially shingle damage from broken tree limbs and other debris.

However, if it was a thunderstorm, you’re inspector will likely be searching for signs of moisture damage both on the roof and inside the attic. No matter what kind of storm impacted your home, having an inspection can help prevent future damage from occurring by catching damage early on!

You Don’t Know How Old The Roof Is

Another reason you should have your roof inspected is if you have no idea how old the system actually is! Many homeowners purchase a home not knowing when the roof was installed. Typically you should be inspecting an asphalt shingle roof every three years at minimum, but for older roofs, it is a good idea to do it more inspected more frequently, as wear and tear will deteriorate the system over time.

The Roof Looks Weathered

If your shingles are beginning to look weathered and worn, it is a good idea to have the system examined by a professional. Typically, when your shingles begin to look damaged or weathered, there can be small leaks or damage to the system, and they may not be visible to the naked eye. If your shingles are curling, warping, buckling, growing algae & mold, or showing signs of physical damage, having the system inspected by a professional is the best way to ensure that your home stays protected!

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