The roof is one of the most essential parts of the house. It serves an aesthetic function as well as acts as a protective barrier. When your roof experience some form of damage that affects either of these functions, you are caught between changing the entire roof or repairing the damaged part. Here is how to know when to repair or replace your roof.

Repair or Reroof?

These are some things you should check to know if the roof deserves a repair or an entire roofing replacement.

1.     How Long you’ve had the roof

There is something about an old roof; it has seen better days. And like everything that grows old, it should be allowed to rest. If your roof has endured some long years and has witnessed different seasonal changes, it may be smarter to replace the roof than repair it.


If you aconsiderreroofing may be expensive, you must remember that the aged roof will require one form of repair. The total amount spent on repair over some time may be more costly than the reroof.


So, if your roof is old and is now suffering a leak or any other damage, a better investment would be a total roof replacement.

2.     Leaking roof

A leaking roof may not require roof replacement but a simple repair. The choice depends on how big the leak is. The other thing is that it may be impossible for you to locate the roof leak(s) source personally. You may need the services of a roofing expert to check for you and offer recommendations on whether to repair or replace.


A roof leak, if left unattended, could result in mold growth, a spoilt ceiling, and damaged frames. To avoid all these more extensive damages, you should attend to your roof leaks as soon as possible, no matter how small it looks.

3.     How damaged is the roof.

Sometimes, the extent of your roof damage cannot be determined by you. You may need the services of a professional roof expert. They will check the time of the roof damage and the effects on the house.


If the beauty is affected, you will physically observe that the roof is discolored and looks worn out and old. It could even have some plants or moss growth. If the damage affects the functionality, you will observe the roof asphalt is curled up. The shingles or panels are broken, the panels are rusted, or it’s leaking.


Get Your Roof Repaired or Replaced By Doing It Right.

A roof repair is important if the damage is minor and hasn’t led to any form of home complications. A roof replacement is necessary if the damage is significant and has led to or could lead to difficulties in the place.


You will need a professional expert’s services to examine the damage’s extent. Which is better for you- roof repair or replacement?


Doing It Right ensures you can sleep in your house with both eyes closed. They will expertly fix or replace your roof. They are not just professionally trained; they also have the latest equipment and technology that will guarantee the best result.

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