For a long time, vinyl siding has reigned supreme as the most popular siding option for homeowners throughout North America. It’s affordable and provides tons of benefits for homeowners. Let’s dive into what makes vinyl siding a solid choice. 


As we alluded to in the opening, vinyl siding is excellent value for the money. It provides enhanced protection compared to similarly priced options. You don’t sacrifice on quality or price with vinyl siding. 


The next big benefit of vinyl siding is the style that it offers. It comes in so many different colors and even textures so you can achieve the exact impression you’re looking for with your home’s siding. Modern vinyl siding styles can imitate just about any other type of siding while offering the high-performance features that vinyl is known for.


Another reason that homeowners in all different climates choose vinyl siding is its durability. It performs well in each of the four seasons. So whether your home is hit with snow, hail, or even 100+ degree temperatures, vinyl siding will stay resistant and resilient. The weather is unpredictable in Pittsburgh, but vinyl siding can handle it all.

Low Maintenance

No one wants to spend a lot of time working on their home to keep the siding looking good. Vinyl siding almost eliminates maintenance completely because high-quality brands come with built-in resistances and can simply be washed away with soap and water when it becomes a bit dirty. You can spend more time enjoying your home than taking care of it with vinyl siding.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of siding options out there won’t help keep your home comfortable. But vinyl siding can actually help make your home more energy-efficient. It doesn’t allow any air through, and there are actually even insulated options on the market today. Insulated vinyl siding helps to reduce your energy bills and keep the temperature in your home better regulated without fiddling with the thermostat. Another added bonus of insulated vinyl siding is the reduction of outside noise. With new windows, doors, and siding, you can maximize your home’s efficiency. 

Higher Resale Value

The benefits of vinyl siding are recognized by many, so new vinyl siding will help boost the value of your home. Buyers will be impressed with the curb appeal that vinyl offers and appreciate the long-lasting value. 

Vinyl siding provides so many different benefits for Pittsburgh residents who need a siding option that performs in a diverse climate. Contact the team at Doing It Right Roofing, Siding & Remodling today for a vinyl siding quote. We’re the top local installers offering the best brands and long warranties.

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