When it comes to roof and siding construction, choosing the right time can be difficult. Many feel the need to get these types of renovations done by the dog days of Summer, but we believe that it is just as beneficial and much less uncomfortable pushing off those upgrades into the fall. 

After your roof and siding suffered the humidity of the summer and before it suffers the leaves clogging gutters, now can be just as great a time as any to start those renovations. Continue reading below to better understand why we think fall can be a great time for renovations. 

Energy Efficiency

If you are a homeowner lucky enough to have central air conditioning, it can be incredibly strenuous on the utility bills to start renovations while using AC. Choosing to do these renovations in the fall, after the AC turns off and before the heat turns on, is a great time to shred the siding and roofing and get to the upgrading. 

Property Value

Although property value may not seem very important to you at this very moment, considering it when planning your renovations is never a bad idea. Redoing your roof and siding before it is hit with the winter snow and after it sweltered in the summer humidity will help you save on maintenance costs. Getting a head start on maintenance is a great way to maintain and even raise your property value and increase curb appeal. Having a visually appealing home that has brand new siding and roofing will automatically raise your property value in the ugliest months of the year while also giving you a much more durable home for unexpected weather conditions. 

Improved Comfort

Located in the northeast, we all know that the weather year-round can be unexpected and quite unpredictable. We understand that which is why we think it is important to renovate your home’s roofing and siding before it starts putting your home in harm’s way. With our various different types of roofing materials and siding materials, you are able to choose what product is best for you and your family. Having a temperature regulating home through the fall and winter months will help make the northeast winters a little easier to get through. 

Added Protection & Ventilation

Lastly, with a scary rise of unexpected weather conditions having the added protection of a newly renovated roof and siding can reduce homeowner stress. One of the most overlooked aspects of roofing is the need for ventilation, and this is something that our experts prioritize when taking on any roofing project. On top of this, the added level of protection that comes with renovated roofing and siding will help maintain the temperature of your home, reduce humidity levels, and most importantly prevents ice damage. 

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